Sixth Doctor’s Frock Coat – Part 2

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing noise they make as they fly by."
- Douglas Adams

I think my wife might believe that sound is the whirring noise of a sewing machine. Time may indeed be an illusion and also wibbly-wobbly, but deadlines are fixed points in time and space. With the convention only days away, I wanted to post our progress so far with the frock coat. I am so in awe of my wife's work with this coat.











Front and sides of essentially the coat itself.











Back with collar attached, and the front showing the lapels attached. These lapels have caused the most grief. They are large and unruly, and it becomes obvious why the peach velvet had a pin on it -- to keep it straight and true.




Speaking of the pin, I made a reproduction of the black cat pin that Colin Baker wore with this frock coat. I made it with Shrinky-dink plastic colored with a permanent black marker. The eyes are just drawn on with a metallic silver ink. The pin on the back is a simple locking bar pinback.











Here's the "Xmas patchwork flap" (at least, that's what I've dubbed it). This was my other humble contribution to the outfit. I may not be able to sew well yet, but I can embroider felt like a 7-year old making a Christmas decoration.






Last but not least, our good friend Brandy, who embroiders beautifully, did the hand embroidery of the question marks on my collar. I am extremely pleased with how the collar looks.

We are in the home stretch now. What remains are the cuffs, the back button gather, attaching the Xmas flap, and the pockets, plus the finishing hems. The pockets may be a casualty of time, but this still remains to be seen.

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