All The Doctors Cosplay

I am a life-long fan of the British sci-fi TV show Doctor Who. I am slowly putting together a costume to wear to conventions that will incorporate elements of outfits from all of the regenerations of the Doctor.

I already own a scarf from the Tom Baker era and the knit jumper from the Sylvester McCoy era.

From David Tennant's years, I own a pair of red Chuck Taylor All-Star tennis shoes. I also have the blue pinstripe sportscoat and brown frock coat. Even my prescription glasses are very similar to his "brainy specs". Hell, I probably have a pair of 3-D glasses around here as well.

For this 2016 season, I am hoping to add something to my wardrobe that I have fancied since the beginning -- Colin Baker's multi-colored frock coat. This blog will catalog the work my wife and I will do to make that coat a reality. We'll discuss all of the many fabrics choices we made and where we acquired them.

Here is a list of my planned costume elements for each Doctor.

  1. William Hartnell - yellow pin-stripe trousers?
  2. Patrick Troughton - Recorder flute, bow tie
  3. Jon Pertwee - not sure yet
  4. Tom Baker - the scarf (and jelly babies?)
  5. Peter Davison - Shirt with ? collar, a stalk of celery
  6. Colin Baker - the frock coat (and maybe a cat pin?)
  7. Sylvester McCoy - ? knit jumper/sweater vest
  8. Paul McGann - pocket watch
    1. John Hurt (The War Doctor) - not sure yet
  9. Christopher Eccleston - not sure yet
  10. David Tennant - red Chucks, glasses
  11. Matt Smith - bow tie and sonic screwdriver (maybe a fez?)
  12. Peter Capaldi - not sure yet

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