Beyond the Veil

P.G. HolyfieldWe have been rocked by some dark news in just the last few weeks. Local TV pioneer, and my childhood icon, Bill “Wallace” Thompson passed away. Not finished grieving that, we all learned that Robin Williams had died. Then on August 20, my friend and mentor, podcasting legend Patrick "P.G.” Holyfield, was taken away from us by an aggressively fast cholangiocarcinoma cancer.
For those who may not know, he was the host of many fiction discussion podcasts, as well as the author of the podcast novel, "Murder at Avedon Hill", which is an epic high fantasy murder mystery set in a land filled with vampires, moon beasts, and more.
His friends and fellow podcasters, Chooch and Viv, have set up a site to send donations for his family in this desperate time of need, at You can find out more details from this announcement from Please boost the signal, like BoingBoing did, and share if you can. You can also visit and subscribe to "Murder at Avedon Hill" where 100% of all donations to his podcast novel will also be donated to the fund.
Arames and the Mad Hatter
I never met Patrick in person, but he was always as close as my podcatcher. The closest I came to meeting him was via a webcam at a Halloween party at the home of Evo Terra and Sheila Dee in 2009. Evo had suggested that guests dress as their favorite literary character. I dressed myself as Arames Kragen, the protagonist of MaAH. A few people recognized the character at the party, but for those that didn’t, I enjoyed explaining the “podiobook that never ends” as Evo once described it. Then at one point in the evening, Jack Mangan came to me and said that Patrick was watching the party via the webcam. I rushed downstairs to where it was set up, came into view, and though I could only see the chat window with his replies, he made it clear that he was moved to see someone cosplaying one of his characters. It made my evening as I was able to meet him that way and be more than just a fanboy.
After that, we did chat online, discussing role-playing games and writing. I wrote an in-depth blog about him for the Angel Between The Lines podcast back in 2009, and in 2010 I had the pleasure of interviewing him for the Out Of The Coffin podcast. I mention these only because while I may not have spent time in person hanging out with him, and have no photos to share, these are some of my memories of him.
If you want to know more about Patrick's writing and podcasting, visit his homepage at Thank you, Patrick.
The Muses of Caern did their job very well;
Their writer crafted a fine story to tell.
There’s just one mystery left to learn;
It’s the same one we’ll all have in our turn.
So giving thanks is all I have left to say
And wish Patrick peace as he makes his way.
I won’t say goodbye, only Merry Part, alas,
Until we meet again on the Olviaran Pass.

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