Happy Hallowtide!

Hey folks, the Kindle version of LILITH'S LOVE is now only $2.99, and you should soon see this being updated in the other major eBook stores as well. Some of the slow ones might still have it as $3.99 or higher but they will eventually all drop. Of course, you can still set your own price at Smashwords.com for a DRM-free eBook, and the audio version is still free to listen to at Podiobooks.com. This is just my way of saying "Happy Hallowtide", or Season's Greetings! 😉 You say you still prefer the paperback? Amazon has it for only $7.49. Of course, if you order it from me directly (same price), I'll happily sign it for you before I send it your way.

Speaking of signing books, have you heard about Kindlegraph.com? This is a free service that gives authors a way to autograph Kindle (or actually any) books. They way it works is, you visit Kindlegraph.com and search for your favorite author, or just go straight to a link, like let's say http://kindlegraph.com/authors/DanS42 for example, and you request an autograph for your eBook. The author gets an email and then visits the website to fill out a form with an inscription and then sign it. That then gets emailed to you. If you provide the email address for your Kindle reader, that Kindlegraph goes right to your Kindle and can be viewed anytime. If you don't have a Kindle, you just provide any email address and a PDF will be emailed to you. So, in all actuality, this can work for paperback and podiobooks, too. Pretty slick, huh? Sure it's just a virtual bookplate, but it is a cool service that makes it easy for authors and fans to use. I dig it and will be happy to send anyone a Kindlegraph anytime!

Before I go, I'll humbly ask, if you wouldn't mind posting a review (on Amazon, Podiobooks, iTunes, Smashwords, or wherever) to spread the word, I'd really appreciate it. Also, don't forget to visit my new Facebook page at http://facebook.com/Shaurette.Dan.

Thanks, you all rock!

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