Heaven and Earth

Part I: The Shining Sun, Blue Moon and the Shooting Star

Once upon a time so long ago, the sun and moon and stars shone down on the world below. All the heavens above loved Mother Earth and enjoyed their chance to shine upon her. In an immortal, beautiful dance, each took their turns in the sky with grace.

While the sun enjoyed his charge watching Mother Earth and her children, his separation from the rest of the stars gave him a loneliness he often couldn't bear. Every night, when he laid himself to rest, he found himself longing to find another star that he could love. But the field of heavenly bodies was so large and full of such beauty that he dared not to fall in love with them.

One day, the moon's dance brought her close to the sun. He was entranced with the light she shined. But she told him, "This is not my light. I am a lady of shadows. I am cold. But through your beautiful light and warmth, I too can shine."

The sun loved the moon, and was happy to give her only as much light as she wanted. He was afraid that one so fair as her might burn away if he shined too brightly on her.

As a result of their dances, she shines down on the earth the true cycles of birth, fullness of life, and then death. He died every night, just a little, for every death she had to make. But he was always happy by her return.

Every night though still brought his sleep. With every sleep was the dream of the heavens he left so long ago. One night, he saw a shooting star. It was so beautiful in his sight.

She flew so fast across the heavens that he could not catch her. In her wake, a great sadness overcame him. The moon saw this sadness and she comforted him. She reminded him kindly of the cycles of all things. She said, "Even such fleeting beauty of the shooting star shall come again."

The sun rose and slept many days. The moon too kept her monthly cycles. Times would come when the two would know each other and eclipse all light together.

Then, one night, during the rarest of blue moons, the light of the shooting star returned. The sun asked the shooting star why she raced so. She answered, "I am trying to find a home. I circle this earth, her moon, and you her sun, hoping to find a place I belong."

"Then your search is at an end," said the sun. She smiled but shook her head in despair saying, "You warm me, dear sun, and though I miss that warmth, to get too close would melt me."

The sun was once again sad, but finally understood what the moon meant about cycles. The shooting star was not just a comet, but was as eternal as the sun and moon, and must spin in her orbit, just as the moon does, and yes, just as the sun does.

Every once in a while, their eternal dances bring the three of them close, not only to each other, but to find a moment together with the earth they all love so much.

When this happens, a magical chance occurs -- every once in a blue moon -- that allows them to come together and know each other.

Part II: Mother Earth and her Children

The sun, moon, and stars revolve around Mother Earth. Though they seem so far away at times, busy with their eternal cycles, they do so to bring life and happiness to their precious, grounded Mother.

The light of the sun always rises in the morning and sets at night, setting forth a regular daily routine that never changes. His light, warmth and love are always there to enjoy. But such golden light can burn even the heartiest of souls if it is worshipped too long. More over, all the colors of the rainbow are the gift of the Sun. But even such a beautiful light should not be stared at for too long. The cold shadows of night are still needed to find the beauty of the rest of the heavens.

Sometimes the moon can be seen during the day, but truly her glow shines brightest at night. If Mother Earth or her children should fail to understand or remember the eternal cycle of life, they need only to look to the Moon. She is born monthly, out of the shadows of the night. As the Sun's light waxes over her, she reveals more of her mysteries to everyone who has eyes to see her. The fullness of her light shines the longest, and all creatures of the night bask in her glow: wolves, vampires, and lovers alike.

It is sad when her light wanes from view, but it must, for the cycle must complete and return her to shadows. All women repeat this cycle as their own internal cycle of birth, life, and death play on within them. Mother Earth and her children are eternally blessed to carry on the gifts of the Moon in her sight.

The heavens unfurl a glorious tapestry above Mother Earth to cover her and protect her. Like a
n expertly woven and bejeweled blanket it comforts her. The stars, planets, comets and meteor showers, all seek to provide a blueprint of order out of chaos for the Mother. But even the heavens can be frightening. The most beautiful, fleeting, and precious spectacle is that of the shooting star. Those lucky enough to even see one can make a wish upon it, and by the grace of the heavens it can come true. Even Mother Earth has been known to be hurt by shooting stars that come too close, yet even the largest craters are but a beauty mark upon her surface. Some even say that shooting stars are part of Mother Earth that simply want to find their way home to her.

All of these celestial dancers, friends, and lovers, wish to shine down upon Mother Earth. Sometimes Mother Earth looks up at her celestial kindred and she wonders about her place among them. Is she below them? Is she part of them? Why must they continue in their cosmic cycles around her, never to touch her?

"Dearest Mother, everything we do, we do for you and all of your children. With each new day comes a new chance to enjoy life and love," the Sun's warmth speaks.

The Moon beams down to say, "Sweet Lady, I can only show you the truth and bring you peace. You will know birth, joy, and death through me. These things can also bring pain, but through that pain shall come love."

The Shooting Star cries, and from the showers, the most beautiful message is given, "Beloved Mother, we are here for you, and want to give you our love. Not everything in Heaven or Earth is perfect or peaceful. Our dances are often bittersweet. But throughout everything, be it chance or destiny that casts us around, we will always be around, and so will our love for you."

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