Immortality Suite

Glenn Miller is still the orchestra leader
Playing for the boys who didn't make it home.
Hank Williams has his own Honky Tonk
So he never has to find a place to roam.

The music didn't die that winter's night
When three stars joined them here,
Buddy, Ritchie and the Big Bopper
Are just working on their new career.

Lady Day still sings the blues
And 'taint Nobody's Business if she do,
Johnny Horton still tells us
All about the Battle of New Orleans, too.

Patsy Cline is still Crazy
And she always Falls to Pieces
When Gentleman Jim Reeves
Comes to sing of Moonlight and Roses.

Otis Redding never got to hear us all
Sitting on the Dock of the Bay,
But Judy Garland is Over the Rainbow
And we can see her there every day.

Hendrix, Joplin, and Morrison
All left at the age of twenty-seven.
But now they're jamming with Elvis
Jim Croce, and John Lennon. (Can you imagine?)

Bing Crosby is crooning at the 19th Hole
Of that heavenly driving range.
Bon Scott missed his exit on the Highway To Hell
And Keith Moon knew that the Music Must Change.

I heard it through the Grapevine
That Marvin Gaye will often bemuse
That John Belushi cracks him up
When he sings like Jake Blues.

Liberace still lights up a room.
Ricky Nelson is still a Travelin Man.
Andy Gibb is still Shadow Dancing
With Dave Prater, The Soul Man.

Del Shannon just Keeps Searchin'
While Sammy Davis is still soft-shoein'.
Stevie Ray's guitar is always wailin'
To Tom Fogerty's Bad Moon Risin'.

Kurt Cobain beckons Come as you are.
Freddie Mercury can still rock you.
Jerry Garcia is now truly Grateful,
While Selena is still Dreaming of You.

John Denver is flying higher every day,
Michael Hutchence is enjoying his New Sensation.
Papa John is still California Dreamin'.
Sonny's Beat Still Goes On every station.

Old Blue Eyes and the Velvet Fog have gone,
With Perry Como and Rosemary Clooney, alas.
I think George Harrison said it best
When he sang "This Too Shall Pass".

All of these musical legends and more
Now live in their Immortality Suite.
They come alive in my memories,
When I snap or tap my feet to a beat.

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