K-9 Iteration Phases

As I am building The Doctor's loyal robotic canine companion K-9, I realized there would be many stages of development, which I have dubbed K-1 through to K-9. Here's how I am planning out these phases. In the notes below, Rpi is the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B I am using for the computer brain.
  1. Build a track driven chassis to mount the Rpi and servos to.
  2. Mount Rpi to the chassis. Make it possible for Rpi to be accessed remotely over WiFi. The only cable connection should be the power at this phase.
  3. Connect Rpi to servos mounted on the chassis, and demonstrate ability of Rpi to control the servos.
    • Write software that will allow fine speed and direction controls to the servo-driven tracks.
  4. Battery added that has one power input and two power outputs: one for the Rpi and one for all servos, sensors, lights, etc. Input and outputs should be 5V.
  5. Add microphone and speakers for accepting voice control commands and responses.
    • Voice recognition of user.
    • Microphone doubles as a “tail”.
  6. Install ROS and add Sensors, making it capable of seeing its surroundings and interact accordingly.
    • Proximity detection and obstacle avoidance.
      • RADAR or SONAR scanning
    • Room mapping to learn where movement is possible.
    • Object and user recognition via video inputs.
    • Ramp/cliff detection - allow it to go up or down small angle, but if angle is too steep, or if at edge of cliff/stairs, it must stop.
    • Altitude detection - specifically detect if it has been lifted or set down
  7. Provide a side display panel to bring up local diagnostic info and direct input (touchscreen) but DO NOT ALLOW any kind of command access. (Command and control can ONLY be done over secure WiFi channel to a secure account.) We must not allow anyone with physical access to K-9 to be able to alter him from this display.
  8. Track Master/Mistress to be able to freely follow us, find us. We need to be able to track K-9 also via GPS.
    • find and follow my cellphone via bluetooth, or maybe a BLE tag
  9. True “K-9” autonomous personality with remote conversation control.
    • At this point, it should be close to acting like the character from Doctor Who.
    • It should answer to “K-9”.
    • Shell mockup to allow the robot to look like the classic robot character from Doctor Who. This can be done anywhere along the way, and should be just as phased. Additionally, adding “flashy bits” like the rotating ears, flashing lights, laser nose, control pad, are all to be done as they can be afforded and installed without sacrificing true functionality.

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