Man on the Moon

What possesses a man
To want to reach for
The moon and stars?

What blind ambition
Makes us want to strive
The faraway beauty above?

What will we do
When we reach our goal
Of touching heaven?

Can a man ever be so bold
As to leave the heavens
Unblemished upon arrival?

To wish upon a star,
To land upon the moon,
And make them a home.

What gives him the right
To presume he can take
What shines so bright?

Some people say
We have already landed there
And that the stars are next.

Some people say
It was all a hoax
Who knows what we've done?

I once dreamed
Of touching the moon and stars
Only to find I'm still grounded.

Still bound by gravity
To stand alone and cast shadows
From their light above.

Should I wish upon the stars
What gives me the right
To reach heaven again?

To make one small step
For a man, one giant leap
For a lifetime.

Only one thing can be
Why the light shines down:
Love beckons us home.

Copyright © 2002 by Daniel Shaurette

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