Birth of a new project

Hello and welcome to my latest blog. I recently got it into my head that I should like to build a robot with my teenage kids as a way to encourage their interest in STEM projects. I am a huge Doctor Who fan and have raised my kids up proper to be fans as well. As a result, we have decided to build an autonomous robot that looks like the beloved K-9 robot dog from the Tom Baker (fourth Doctor) era.

There have been many attempts to build it and I see many ways to approach the construction. This blog will detail our progress from design to construction, using components that can be ordered easily.

I am a software developer by trade, but outside of a project in high school (over 25 years ago), and some play with a LEGO Mindstorms kit (maybe 10 years ago?), I have virtually no robotic building or programming experience. Thus I think this will be fun and frustrating for myself and my kids.

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