What follows is a collection of links to blog posts that I have written, either for my own sites or those I have been a featured contributor for.

Audio interviews from my vampire discussion podcast, Out of The Coffin

Interviews from Horror Addicts, where I contribute recipes, music reviews, and interviews

  • Morbid Meals – Barren Baker’s Cornbread Honeycomb Muffins
    EXAMINATION Once upon a time it was hard to be a baker. Bread being so vital to the common diet, for rich and poor alike, laws were passed to make sure that bakers did not cheat their customers with light loaves or unhealthy fillers. To make sure that their customers were happy, often times it was b …
  • Morbid Meals – Genie in a Bottle
    EXAMINATION Cursed objects come in all shapes, sizes, and purpose. The first cursed object I could think of, that wasn’t related to the TV show Friday the 13th, was the lamp or bottle that trapped a genie inside. While we have Aladdin and the cursed lamp from One Thousand and One Nights to thank for …
  • Morbid Meals – Three Witches’ Stew
    EXAMINATION There are many superstitious actors who will tell you about various curses of the theatre. Like how they can’t wish each other good luck, but rather “break a leg”. The most famous, however, may be to not say the name of The Scottish Play. This is brought most humorously to light on an ep …

Reviews from My Body Hates Me, my allergen-free food blog and podcast

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Articles from Joss'd, where I contributed reviews about vampires, in and out of the Whedonverse

Review for Angel Between the Lines

Articles from Acrimony ezine, where I contributed articles, short stories, and poetry -- my first paid market

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