This is undoubtedly an incomplete list of projects I am working on.

Old ones, current ones, shelved ones, and future ones. All of them here on display to provide edification and amusement.

Writing Efforts


A novel I am co-authoring with Brian McKinley. Set 300 years in the future, vampires and other supernaturals have forged a new Empire that reaches throughout our solar system. Known lovingly as #VampiresInSpaaaaace!


My self-published vampire novel was written in 1993 and published by Xlibris (2001) and later by BookSurge (2004). It is a modern "urban fantasy" where vampires live amongst humans who do not know of their existence. The story is at its core a love story, but it is neither a "romance" nor a "horror" novel. Please visit the novel's home page for more details.


The pertinacious sequel to my novel, LILITH'S LOVE. The story has brewed for years, notes and various spotty chapters have been scribbled down, but the time has come to finish it.


The final book of the trilogy. Like the sequel, the story has waited quite long enough and beckons to be completed.

Prequels to LILITH'S LOVE

One of the many reasons I give for the procrastination that has prolonged my finishing LILITH'S LIGHT is that some of the characters within it have become research projects of their own. I think some of these will get prequel books of their own, and I am hoping to work on them first because they will help set up LILITH'S LIGHT.


Free Software

GOTHIK: Better Than Chocolate

Ah, the 90's. Back then, 2400 baud was hi-speed and the internet was something I accessed at ASU when I could get time on a lab computer. Once upon a time, social networking was only international if your favorite BBS was part of FIDOnet. I was a SysOp in the early 90's running Bulletin Board Systems from my parents' house. By 1995, I was writing "Door Games" for my DOS-based Mostly Harmless BBS. The most successful was GOTHIK: Better Than Chocolate, which was an online RPG with a modern gothic vampire setting. This multinode game featured head-to-head combat between players in the roles of either Vampires or Hunters. As it happens, though most BBS SysOps have moved on, some die-hard folks still run them, and a couple still have GOTHIK online for folks to play.


About the same time in the mid-90's, I had discovered runestones, which is a form of fortune-telling; like Tarot cards. Nerd that I am, I decided that rather than cast the stones and keep the book around that explained what each rune meant, it would be better to write a program to randomly cast the stones for me. It was written in DOS and eventually I turned it into a BBS Door game also.


Datadump is a program I wrote when I worked as a Data Analyst in 1998. I was part programmer, part DBA, and part troubleshooter. I had to analyze problems when customer data loaded or processed incorrectly, fix the data, and then try to fix the process that corrupted the data. Datadump was a tool I wrote to help me view a file with more detail than the regular hex dump programs my company had at its disposal. It was written in C and I compiled versions for the DOS and UNIX systems I used at work. Eventually I released it into the wild for everyone to use.

Website Wizardry

The McJournal Project

In my novel LILITH'S LOVE, the main character, Donovan McElroy, creates and uses an electronic diary, called the McJournal. It was a local program that he used to document his life throughout the book. This is before the days of blogs, however, the purpose of the McJournal was that the entries were encrypted and password-protected for a proper private diary rather than a public web log. Time passed and I eventually decided it would be nice to have a web-based private diary, and so The McJournal Project was born. I still use it from time to time, but usually I keep my thoughts in my blog here.

David Ayscue, who recently passed away, owned the BookPotato Literary Agency and had represented LILITH'S LOVE. A few years back he asked me to design a website for the agency and a used bookstore he was also operating. After he passed away, however, the site was brought offline.

The Lurkers' Domain

The Aquarius Church of Enlightenment

Self-Published Authors

Charette/Charest Family Association


    • GOTHIK: Tangled Web

- d20-based RPG for vampires

    • Carpe Vegas

- V:TM/WoD/LARP-based RPG for Vampire/Mage/Garou set in Las Vegas

    • UTA:2169

- turn-based empire RPG for sci-fi

The Procrastinators' Guilde

Podcast Pedantry

Is This Thing On?

Podfaded, i.e., we moved on to other things, like...

Out Of The Coffin Podcast

This podcast is an offshoot of Is This Thing On. Where the original podcast was a couple cast for my wife and I to blather on about whatever we liked, we realized we tend to talk about vampire-related stuff. (Gee, really?) Thus, we created

Podiobook of LILITH'S LOVE

Was finished in summer of 2010! You can subscribe at

The SteamJunk Podcast

Indefinitely shelved, this was to be a podcast all about steampunk.

The Mostly Harmless Podcast

Indefinitely shelved, this was going to be a podcast to discuss my other favorite topic, Douglas Adams' The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy. However, we haven't nearly enough time to dedicate to this right now.

FlixCast Live!

Indefinitely shelved, this was going to be a podcast in a similar fashion as Christiana Ellis' Hey, Want To Watch A Movie? My twist was to host it on, so that folks would actually call in and virtually watch a movie together and discuss it live. Again, this just sort of fell by the way side.

Real World Diversions

La Bal Masqué Nocturne

La Bal Masqué Nocturne 2006 was a success, and we want the next one to be even better. Sadly, this made us come to the conclusion that we cannot hold one in 2007. Plans are already in gear for a triumphant return... soon!

For The Blood Is The Life

This was a compilation album of music that we produced and planned to sell in order to drum up interest and extra funds to be able to have another La Bal Masqué Nocturne.

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