The Orange and The Black

So, apparently I wear my Krakens jersey a lot. No, really, like a lot. I wore it for a special occasion today -- my second opportunity to see author Scott Sigler in person at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, AZ. Scott Sigler is, among other things, the creator of The Ionath Krakens, a football team from the future, which first saw print in The Rookie.

This is a book so good and so original that it was able to get *me* to enjoy football. A book so entertaining that I show my love and support by wearing the "away" jersey for the team. (The "home" jersey is black with orange, and I'm sorry, but I just don't wear black in AZ.) A book that has sold-out in hardcover and will soon see a paperback version. A book that has two sequels (The Starter and The All-Pro) and has a fourth in the series coming out this year: The MVP.

Sigler Stank all over my bookshelfI just bought the hardcover of Scott's latest book, Nocturnal, which is a great book as well. I am happy to add it to the growing collection of dead-tree books of his that I own -- even though I've already listened to the serialized podcast audio version he released for free years ago. The same can be said of all of Scott's books.

He continues to provide a FREE podcast version of his books, even though he is a NY Times Bestselling author with a five-book contract with Crown Books. I would argue, and he does as well, that he is a best-selling author because he gives away content.

This is just one of many reasons I admire him and enjoy his books. Another naturally is that he is a talented writer. It is because of this that I keep coming back to listen to and read his books, and why I wear The Orange and The Black.

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