The Weakest Link

The chains of love are forged
From the finest of metal;
No alloy created by man
Can surpass its mettle.

For hearts so strong
They still need the strength
Of armor and chains
Of different length.

The bonds are fashioned
With perfect purity;
Built to withstand
Any type of calamity.

Then they are given to the wearer
As a cherished gift to think
That we will be protected
But for the weakest link.

There is always one
In every armor or chain,
The rest are only as strong
As the weakest link's strain.

For it carries the burden
Of all of our doubts,
All of our storms
And all of our droughts.

No matter the passion,
No matter the weather,
The weak link could break
Under the weight of a feather.

So it must strive
To be free of a chink,
Lest the chain breaks
At its weakest link.

Copyright © 2002 by Daniel Shaurette

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