Besides providing narration and character voices in the podcast audio version of my novel, Lilith's Love, I have done voice work for other podcast fiction works.

Angel Between The Lines: Season 1, various roles

(As a side note, I was on the Sound Effects Team and provided FX for almost every episode of ABtL. But even more awesome, I created a text adventure game, like Zork games of olde, for Episode 4: Geekgasm, which can still be played online here.)

GothHaus: Season 2 by Emerian Rich and M.J.Hahn, the voice of Professor Pendulum

  • GothHaus is a series of skits that appears on Emerian Rich's Horror Addicts podcast which parody TV reality shows. Season 2 was written and produced by M.J. Hahn. Currently, the only means to hear this season of GothHaus is to listen to Season 6 of Horror Addicts. It's totally worth it, plus you might find yourself addicted like the rest of us. I provided the precisely pronounced phonations of the prodigious Professor Pendulum. Phew! I'll be back in Season 3 with a whole new character!

Dusk's Warriors by Emerian Rich, the voice of Blade

  • Dusk's Warriors is the podcast sequel to Emerian Rich's Night's Knights novel and podiobook. In Dusk's Warriors, I performed the voice of Blade, a tough street kid who is the leader of a gang of demon fighters. It's more complicated than that, naturally, so it's probably best that you subscribe and listen to the podcast.


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